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Doubleback™ Harness
strength-rated safety harnessAuf Stärke geprüftes Sicherheitsgeschirrharnais de sécurité, force testée
The Ruffwear Doubleback Harness is a strength-rated belay harness that opens up areas that were previously difficult for dogs to access, while providing an increased level of safety, comfort and convenience. The Doubleback Harness is designed to safely lift and lower dogs in exposed areas, and is strength-rated to 2,000 lbf or 8.9 kN.

Check out this video on how to properly fit the Doubleback Harness.
Price: $124.95
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5 out of 5

Dog's Name: Rosie

Date of Review: 7/22/2016

We kick up our paws in: New Jersey

My canine companion(s): Border Collie


Would you recommend this product?.: Yes!

I purchased a Doubleback Harness for my Rescued Border Collie because she has found a way to get out of every other harness that I have purchased. As a rescued dog from a puppy mill she is very afraid to go up stairs and go through doors that she is not familiar with, ie,The Vet. The harness is very well made and very strong. My veterinarian loves the harness and has already told several of his patients and it has been less than a week since he first saw it. The vet had a back order on one of the vaccines and it finally came in. Even the veterinarian techs found the harness very ingenious. The vet and his techs love the handles to pick the dog up by. The vet said that an Engineer had to design the harness and a lot of thought had to be used in building of the harness. Now I am not afraid that she will get out of the harness and take off in fear which is a common problem with rescued dogs. I even feel safe bringing her to the pet store that is just off a busy highway. I have NO fear of her getting out of the harness and running into traffic and getting hit. I also will not be afraid of her running off when we go for trail walks. EXCELLENT JOB RUFFWEAR

5 out of 5

Dog's Name: Charley

Date of Review: 7/16/2016

We kick up our paws in: East Coast

My canine companion(s): shepherds

absolutely wonderful!!!

Would you recommend this product?.: Yes!

My present service dog Charley was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy (similar to Lou Gehrig's). She is young and still wants to do everything she always has but her body does not cooperate. Knowing her mind is still great, I searched for equipment that would extend her enjoyment in her much shortened life. This harness is the best constructed I have ever come across. I have used many and only the WebMaster comes close but it does not support the hindquarters like this vest does. The vest is so secure that the veterinarian allows an extra fifteen minutes to any appointments to get her out of it. Not that it takes so long but because it is not just plastic buckles and some technicians are sort of baffled. One added bonus is this vest is padded throughout the thoracic area all around the torso. When Charley falls, she is protected from injury. I can easily help her back up to her feet without injury to myself. It is also wonderful that the back leg supports can easily be stored within the harness without creating and uncomfortable bulge. The only drawback I have found is because of the full body support, the vest seems to be a bit hot for continuous 24/7 wear wear which is what Charley needs but she does not seem to mind but I crank up the AC for her anyway. LOVE THE VEST!!!

5 out of 5

Dog's Name: Ollie

Date of Review: 6/27/2016

We kick up our paws in: Denver, CO

My canine companion(s): blind mixed breed/mutt

Perfect for my blind crag dog!

Would you recommend this product?.: Yes!

I never write reviews, but had to because I love this harness so much. My dog started going blind when I adopted him about three years ago, but at only 6 years old, he still has plenty of energy for outdoor adventures. I originally bought this harness to help him navigate some of the more difficult approaches to some single pitch sport climbs in my area. He's kind of big at 70 lbs, so I wanted a harness that I could comfortably lift him with one hand, like a suitcase. We tried the Webmaster first, but I wanted some more support for him, since sometimes he has to rely exclusively on me lifting him to get him over an obstacle. The DoubleBack harness works perfectly for this. He has really started trusting the harness and it really seems to have boasted his confidence. On tough scrambles that even sighted dogs are spooked by, my dog now stays calm, listens to what I say and relies on the support that this harness provides. It's awesome! Another thing I did not expect was actually how useful this item is as a rated climbing harness. I had no intention (nor do I now) of taking my dog on any multi pitch climbs, but this harness has really come in handy in making sure my dog is safe at our belay site. Since the approaches at our crags are so steep, sometimes belay stations are situated next to cliffs and really steep terrain. The fact that this is a rated climbing harness gives me peace of mind while I'm climbing, so my partner and I can focus on the task at hand. I know that if my blind dog accidentally takes a wrong step, he will be safe as long as he is tied in. This harness is great! BUY IT!

5 out of 5

Dog's Name: Brix

Date of Review: 5/11/2016

We kick up our paws in: Indiana/Illinois

My canine companion(s): Belgian Malinois

Superior product. Nothing like it.

Would you recommend this product?.: Yes!

This product will allow your dog to be one of the crew like never before decent, ascent, traverse, etc. If somebody can find a flaw in this product they should be a professional critic.

5 out of 5

Dog's Name: Blue

Date of Review: 3/25/2016

We kick up our paws in: Florida

My canine companion(s): Pitbull

Love it

Would you recommend this product?.: Yes!

We take our dog out on the boat with us all the time. He loves jumping off the side and swimming for hours. When it came time to get him back in the boat there really was no easy way other than manhandling all 85lbs of him up the side. Now with the double-back harness he just swims up to the boat and waits at the side and any one of us can easily hoist him up into the boat. And keeping it washed and in tact has been easy as well. Love it.

5 out of 5

Dog's Name: Roxy

Date of Review: 2/23/2016

We kick up our paws in: Ohio

My canine companion(s): Service Dog Lab

When Rock Climbing Safety is First

Would you recommend this product?.: Yes!

The Doubleback is the safest harness that can be bought. We rock climb with our service dog as she is needed and can't take a day off. She was Belayed dog a 75 foot rock face, as well as in the Accent. Of course she was bot Anchored and on Belay. Roxy never showed any sings of anxiety her tails wag wagging on every climb and on Class 4 Where she just had a safety line on. Gave all involved a great sense of peace. Roxy was probably safer that us.

5 out of 5

Dog's Name: Arya

Date of Review: 2/13/2016

We kick up our paws in: West Virginia

My canine companion(s): German Shepherd

Great Improvement on double back harness

Would you recommend this product?.: Yes!

I have owned several of these harnesses for several different dogs over the years and the improvements to this harnesses are outstanding. Packing the back portion back into the harness is easier and it fits flatter with nearly no bulk. The dog still feels very secure and lets me lift, lower, and carry them by the harness with no protest.