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K-9 Overcoat™
abrasion-resistant insulated jacket
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The Ruffwear K-9 Overcoat™ is our classic cold-weather utility jacket. Sturdy, durable materials keep up with the most active dog. Wind- and water-resistant outer fabric keeps the elements out, interior fleece layer keeps body heat in. Auto-lock buckles on each side provide easy on/off.

Check out our Ruffwear Fit Guide to help find the proper fit for your dog.
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5 out of 5

Dog's Name: Ruby

Date of Review: 10/16/2014

We kick up our paws in: La Crosse, WI

My canine companion(s): Vizsla


Would you recommend this product?.: Yes!

Works well as a insulating, protective jacket. True to size. Does not restrict movement. High quality. Great design.

5 out of 5

Dog's Name: Penny Roo

Date of Review: 10/6/2014

We kick up our paws in: Northeast Ohio

My canine companion(s): Small Sighthound Mix

Best Option for Sleek Sighthound Builds

Would you recommend this product?.: Yes!

I took my gal to a dealer originally thinking I would get a her a Cloud Chaser. After trying on a few coats, we decided that the K-9 Overcoat offered her the best fit in XS. She's 22 inches at the ribcage (the cutoff for XXS to XS) and only 22 pounds. She's super skinny in the back! (It's that Basenji/German Pinscher/Whippet/Italian Greyhound/Whatever the Heck She is DNA!) The Cloud Chaser ended up being a good fit in the front but WAY too big in the back. This model has an adjustable strap and buckle that lets you cinch it up for those svelte canine creatures! It fits closer to her body but still gives her wiggle room without being too bulky. I'll say, if you are near a dealer it's an excellent idea to take your pooch for a fitting. If I would have ordered online I might have went through a couple returns due to size and fit. Ruffwear does their best with the sizing charts, but with so many variables it's hard to know for sure unless you try it on first! Also, the quality is excellent and should last us a lifetime. Unless someone chews it up first!!

5 out of 5

Dog's Name: Leonidas

Date of Review: 9/28/2014

We kick up our paws in: Minneapolis

My canine companion(s): German Shepherd


Would you recommend this product?.: Yes!

Very nice vest. I bought for my service dog for a winter coat when going to and from locations.

5 out of 5

Dog's Name: Jack & Gertie

Date of Review: 9/13/2014

We kick up our paws in: Minnesota

My canine companion(s): Weimaraner/Lab and French Bulldog/Beagle

Absolutely wonderful

Would you recommend this product?.: Yes!

My dogs are at work and out in the elements with me all year round, I own a dog boarding facility and see a lot of different jackets come and go. Ruffwear is the only brand I spend my money on. The K-9 overcoat is by far the best coat on the market.

5 out of 5

Dog's Name: Boozer and Guv'nor

Date of Review: 9/7/2014

We kick up our paws in: Denver

My canine companion(s): Doberman

high quality

Would you recommend this product?.: Yes!

we've had a few different versions of this coat over the years and the design gets better every time an updated version is released. Our smaller dog has a 32" girth and wears a large in the Cloud Chaser and Climate Changer coats, but in the Overcoat he needs a medium. We starting testing these jackets in the fall of 2013 and they still look brand new after using them for an entire fall, winter, and spring. When we has extremely low temps for a few weeks last winter we layered the Overcoat with the Cloud Chaser for extra warmth. These jackets are super easy to put on and take off, which makes them great even for short potty break trips outside when it is wet.

5 out of 5

Dog's Name: Bailey

Date of Review: 8/26/2014

We kick up our paws in: Dayton, OH

My canine companion(s): Black Labrador Retriever

Best I have ever owned

Would you recommend this product?.: Yes!

OK, I have owned Dogs my entire life, Everywhere from Alaska, Colorado to Ohio. This is the first RuffWear item I have ever purchased and by far the highest quality item I have ever owned. I have bought 5 more Ruff Wear Items since then that equal or exceed the level of Quality and Functionality. ALL are fantastic. Now back to this one. I bought this, for our (75 lb) Black Lab, that is in a size large first, then in Medium due to sizing issues. Her measurements were 32 Inches circumference around the chest and that is right between Med and Lrg. I went large since I thought she would need a little extra room to grow. It was WAY too big for a Labs torso. She has a pretty thick neck and the neck opening was huge on the large. This MEDIUM one fit her perfectly with still room to grow. Other features I love about this jacket are as follows: Pro's -Still room to grow. Have some room for expansion still. Elastic buckles that are actually between material layers so they won't chafe to dog. Still room to extend and they have elasticity. -Reflective Stitching, Logo and stitching Built-in - She is completely black, need I say anything else. -Clasps - Best I have ever used, how they are covered from the elements and padded with the garment that touches the dog is wonderful- I would be comfortable wearing this as a poncho. -It stays oriented on top due to the Chest/Belly "strap" and tailored cut - Loop for a light on back - I bought a bike LED flashing light and it works great. - Fleece lining; wonderfully lined for warmth and pet comfort. She wears it three times a day now and it still looks new - even with snow, rain, etc. - Exterior material, water repellent/proof nature. Keeps the dog torso dry even though she would rather be wet. - Design, the cut of this jacket looks like and functions like it was engineered for my Lab specifically. The Over shoulder and Chest/Belly portion of the jacket not only function to keep the dog warm, it seems like it is comfortable, and it stays exactly where it needs to be to protect Bailey from the elements. Cons: ABSOLUTELY NONE, Not even the price. After the obvious research and engineering that has gone into this, I cannot find one thing that I would want on this. It is simply a Well manufactured, Perfectly designed Jacket. It would meet Patagonia, Marmot or North Face standards. THANK YOU. I plan to buy another RuffWear Jacket specifically for the rain in late spring, and their Swamp Cooler Vest before summer. I have bought five other RuffWear items since this Jacket, harness, Collars, Leash, Boots. I am sold for life on the quality. RuffWear is AWESOME