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reflective, low-profile, adjustablemit reflektoren, flach, individuell einstellbarréfléchissant, discret, ajustable
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The Ruffwear Knot-a-Collar™ is a unique approach to dog collars. The low-profile design provides a clean and elegant climbing-inspired solution for an everyday collar. The all-metal hardware keeps dogs secure. Reflective rope keeps dogs visible in low-light conditions. Round profile settles comfortably in short or long fur and reduces matting.
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1 out of 5

Dog's Name: Holly

Date of Review: 3/15/2015

We kick up our paws in: Portland OR

My canine companion(s): Lab-pointer mix

Stylish looking, not functional for leash walking

Would you recommend this product?.: No

I bought this because I so love the Knot-a-leash for it's lightness and reflective material, it is the perfect running leash. The collar looks smart on her and appears sturdy but the knots loosen with even mild pulling, and she has slipped out to visit friends on our walks/runs. The Quick Ring tends to snag on fabrics and I have come home to find her dragging a blanket around the house, attached to her collar. She was not happy, the blanket has a large hole, and I worry about the danger of a dog getting stuck on something (yesterday she got it caught on the side of an upholstered chair) and being injured or worse in the attempt to free itself.

4 out of 5

Dog's Name: Bruno

Date of Review: 3/9/2015

We kick up our paws in: New York, NY

My canine companion(s): Blue Heeler/Boston Terrier Mix

Very nice design

Would you recommend this product?.: Yes!

Love the low-pro design. Keeps hair matting to a minimum. Sturdy metal for my energetic young male who is very active. Giving it 4 stars because even though the knots are tight, the collar will loosen a bit when pulled.

1 out of 5

Dog's Name: Riley

Date of Review: 2/18/2015

We kick up our paws in: connecticut

My canine companion(s): Rottweiler and a Pitt bull

Not so great

Would you recommend this product?.: No

I really wanted to love this collar. My Rottweiler has a history of breaking collar buckles when she gets worked up over a squirrel or a leaf floating by. I thought this collar would work well since it doesn't have a plastic release buckle and it does look great and doesn't get caught in her fur. However, it loosens up on its own the second she tugs on it and has come dangerously close to just slipping off her head if she turns too fast. The knots do not stay in place once adjusted. While I like the minimal styling and ruggedness of this product I would not recommend it for any dog who is even the least bit rambunctious and certainly not for a large and powerful dog like Riley.

5 out of 5

Dog's Name: Izzy

Date of Review: 2/11/2015

We kick up our paws in: fort worth tx

My canine companion(s): samoyed chow mix

Top Notch!!

Would you recommend this product?.: Yes!

After countless collars, and hours of brushing the resulting tangles around Izzy's neck area, we found this one. Its low profile allows it to do its job without trapping a lot of fur under it. Also love the included tag more hearing her walk around at night when I'm trying to sleep. All in all it may be one of my most used and loved Ruffwear products! Recommend to everyone.