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Omnijore™ Joring System
fit, clip and go
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The Omnijore™ Joring System is designed for any dog-pulling activity such as skijoring, mountainboard-joring, skatejoring, or canicross. Enjoy joring all year long in any climate conditions. Complete system includes dog harness, human hipbelt, and towline. The components are designed to work together to maximize comfort and enjoyment.

Dog harness is available in three sizes and the human hipbelt fits human waist sizes 27-48" (68-123 cm). If you require an additional dog harness, please email customer support at

Check out this video on how to fit and put on the Omnijore Joring System.
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5 out of 5

Dog's Name: Molly

Date of Review: 7/5/2015

We kick up our paws in: Edmonton Canada

My canine companion(s): Old English Bulldog

Well made and thought out design

Would you recommend this product?.: Yes!

This system is perfect for our needs in the winter as well as the summer. Molly and I ski and blade all year long and this system being well designed for safety for Molly and myself is essential in our life. Long line for safety of not having my skis get up on her, and quick release safety pull to release my pup easily and efficiently. My main inspiration to buy this system is the obvious freedom of shoulder movement it provides for Molly. The belly band, although I did not see it being needed has its place for control and comfort and I now use it all the time. We did return to resize, so it would be a good idea to try before you buy to ensure proper fitting. The loop placement on the rear of the harness is typical and well placed for pulling safely. I have a small carabiner clipped to the top loop above the shoulders in case of loop failure and it also acts as a great place to tuck up the tow loop when off leash so it is not bouncing around to get caught up on something. This is a fantastic product made with quality and safety in mind for both the dog and owners enjoyment.

2 out of 5

Dog's Name: Tug

Date of Review: 2/17/2015

We kick up our paws in: Europe

My canine companion(s): Husky/GSD

First immersions great, sadly not lasting

Would you recommend this product?.: No

We have had this system for about four months and I was going to write a brilliant review for it but today I changed my mind. My initial review was going to say how awesome the harness for my dog is, with plenty of possibilities for adjustment it is possible to custom fit this harness to your dogs shape and size and create a snug fit for all body shapes. The handle on the harness is great for controlling your dog or lifting him/her over obstacles. The pull line attachment clip is ace, really strong and I love the way it opens and clips onto the harness loop. The quick release system is a great asset, thankfully I haven't had to use it yet but it is great knowing it is there. The human hip belt is comfy and I can get it super tight. I find it doesnt form to my hips very well and gapes at the top over my lower back if I wear it here but I found the bungy was enough to absorb the shock on my lower back when i wear it bit higher and has some great pockets for carrying bits and pieces in. OK so coming to the downside. I have only had this around four months and my dog was 1 year old a couple of days ago and although we do a lot of exercise we haven't been going as hard as I would have thought this kit should be able to handle. Over the past week I have noticed the elastic in the bungy in the towline starting to stretch out and not be so elastic. This has started putting more stress on both of us, I can feel the slack being taken up by my dog now and I am sure she must feel it too. Today my harness has developed a rip in the v that attaches to the pull loop and will not be able to be used anymore as it will snap under any tension :-(. When I first received my harness I noticed a bit of fuzzing at the edge of this piece and being a climber it did cross my mind that this was not a good sign. There was however no rip and it was only a slight furring and I didn't think about it again. Today however it opened up just as a sling or climbing webbing will do under tension if there is a nick on the edge. I am gutted! I loved this set up, I was concerned about the elastic in the bungy and was considering replacing the line but now I have to replace the harness too. 4 months use on a puppy!!!!! For the price tag I am incredibly disappointed. Coincidentally, I had the double back harness in my shopping basket to buy this evening as I want to take my dog with me on some of my more adventurous jobs. Thank goodness it was her omnijore harness that failed and not a climbing harness with her hanging in it!!!!!

3 out of 5

Dog's Name: Rodney

Date of Review: 1/22/2015

We kick up our paws in: Sierra-Nevada

My canine companion(s): Lab Mix

Not Idea for Canicross

Would you recommend this product?.: No

I gave this system a 3 Star rating based on it ‘s utilization for canicross, In my experience I think this would be a good system for ski or bike joring where you want some distance between you and your dog, but not ideal for canicross. So if you are a runner, read on. To me the key for a good canicross set up in control of your dog and comfort. This equates to how far away you want to be from your dog when you are exercising (for me about 6’), and how the harnesses fits. I waited a while to review this product because I wanted to give an honest opinion. What I use the system for: I have been canicrossing for about three years. I am a quick 5K-10K runner and recreational trail runner/hiker. I am a bit of a gadget geek and have three different canicross setups, so I know what works for me. Omni-Joring Dog Harness: GOOD: The Harness has an excellent fit with plenty of adjustability, what Ruffwear does best, I had to remove the belly band for the best fit for my dog. BAD: The attachment point for the towline is past the dogs tail which is too far for running with a long tow line. Once I reeled my dog in, I still had to reach to grab the dogs harness handle, took too long. WHAT I PREFER: I like the short harness with the tow attachment about mid-back. If I want to reel my dog in for safety reasons I have instant access to the shoulder strap of the harness and control of my dog. Omni-Joring Belt: GOOD: The belt has plenty of storage for water, keys/wallet, dog dish, bags. The belt is wide to help equalize the weight and has mesh areas for ventilation. The tow release system works great. It equalizes the load when going around corners (will not swivel your body) and allows you to disconnect in a hurry. BAD: This belt is wide and flat and will not contour to your body if you want to wear it low. It does fit the small of your back, which my chiropractor and I do not want. If I adjust it low using the leg straps to keep it low, the belt only makes contact on the bottom edge with my glutes, the upper portion of the belt is about three inches from my lower back, so I take all of the tow weight with the bottom edge of the belt. The leg straps need to be folded and sewn to fit more comfortable between your legs, like a climbing harness. WHAT PREFER: My dog will actually tow me, so I want a belt that fits low, stays low, and makes even contact with my hips. I do use this belt on long trail runs or hikes and I put up with the poor fit. Omni-Joring Tow Line: GOOD: Solid manufacturing, awesome talon clip, unique belt attachment and a handhold at each end of the tow line. It is important to have a handhold on the static end of the towline for dog control. BAD: I can take long and light, but this belt is long and heavy and bounces unless you are under a heavy pull, which is annoying. The line is advertised as between 8-10’, but then add another foot because of the long dog harness and you are 12’ away from your dog, I like half that distance. In canicross, you often have to take in and let out slack as you run, this line is too heavy and too long and it just becomes a chore. WHAT PREFER: I like a 6’ tow line about half the weight and I like my lower handhold to be directly after the dynamic portion of the towline, not at the end, right before the clip. This is a good joring system, but it will take some tweaks to make it a good canicross system, so based on that I would not recommend this system for canicross.

4 out of 5

Dog's Name: Baxter

Date of Review: 5/30/2014

We kick up our paws in: Eastern WA

My canine companion(s): Baxter (Amstaff/Catahoula) & Starbuck (Lab/BC)

Great buy, mostly excellent workmanship

Would you recommend this product?.: Yes!

I bought this for my large dog Baxter who needs a lot of exercise. He took to it very well. He's a 70lb dog with a 29" chest so I bought a medium, which is still somewhat loose on him with the side straps tightened all the way. I may need to optimize the fit a bit more, but overall it doesn't seem to bother him and he pulls just fine. Within the FIRST 5 MINUTES of light joring the nylon loop on the harness where the leash is attached just snapped and Baxter ran off down the trail ("Wow! He's so easy to pull!"). I'm somewhat surprised and shocked at how easily it broke but after speaking with Ruffwear they claim it is a very rare flaw and are replacing the part. In the meantime, I have been using a climbing carabiner, which works well. Even after the broken loop is replaced I will probably continue carrying the carabiner just in case. Overall, Baxter and I are very pleased with the harness. He loves to channel his inner working dog, and I love the free rides down the trail! I may be ordering a similar harness for my other dog eventually. It would be really great if there was a system in place for joring with multiple dogs simultaneously...

5 out of 5

Dog's Name: Rory

Date of Review: 4/19/2014

We kick up our paws in: Ithaca, NY

My canine companion(s): Golden Retriever

Great hands-free running system!

Would you recommend this product?.: Yes!

Just tried it out for the first time today, and so far my dog and I both love it. The k9 harness stays in place, but doesn't restrict the movement of the dog. Rory has elbow dysplasia, and I've found that many harnesses hurt him because the put a lot of pressure on the chest/shoulders/front legs. But this harness seems to distribute the pressure nicely across the harness when I pull back to stop him. Besides being a little stiff (this is the first time that we've run since the start of winter), the harness didn't seem to both him at all. The human harness is also very comfortable and does not ride up, fall down, or rub. I almost forgot that I was wearing it! Plus it has nice pockets that fit my phone and the house key, as well as a holder for a water bottle. The only thing that I didn't like was that the tow line was a little long for running. Rory doesn't usually run that far out ahead of me, so I found that I had to hold the leash in my hand to keep it from dragging on the ground, instead of being hands free (which was the main reason why I purchased this system). That being said, its not a big deal. I have a "large" ruffwear roamer leash that I use with my other dog that I think will work. It won't fit as snugly on the towline release, but it should do the trick. The other dog is too young to run with me on the road, so she won't mind if I borrow her leash to run with Rory. Anyways, first impression: great product! Can't wait to get a lot of use out of it as the weather gets warmer!

4 out of 5

Dog's Name: Thunder

Date of Review: 3/8/2014

We kick up our paws in: New Hampshire

My canine companion(s): Bernese Golden Retreiver Cross

Great Fun for both of us.

Would you recommend this product?.: Yes!

I put off getting a nice harness like this because of the cost and I thought I would make one, but I never got around to it, I wish I had bought this harness three years ago. It came last week and we have been out three times already. My dog saw me with the harness in my hands, after we had been out twice today, for a total of three and a half hours and started kissing the harness and making his "I wanna go . . . ." noise. The harness has a lot of small features that are very nice, that I might not have thought of on my own: adjustment buckles on each part of his harness, leg loops to keep my harness belt from riding up, an extra loop for a handhold on the lead line near the attachment clip, side stabilizing straps on his harness, plenty of padding for him. I am very glad that I bought one with a lot of features, I don't have to struggle through the discovery period. One slight difficulty is sizing, he is a little small for the large, I have it adjusted almost all the way down and it barely fits. My harness is a little small, it fits me, but not with a lot to spare. I am a 42 inch waist and most of the adjustment in the closure strap is used up. I wish they offered a larger size harness for the human.

5 out of 5

Dog's Name: Boomer

Date of Review: 2/14/2014

We kick up our paws in: Nashville, TN

My canine companion(s): English Setter

Great quality harness

Would you recommend this product?.: Yes!

Boomer and I are enjoying this harness very much. Construction and quality is durable and functional. Boomer is a working dog, so I sewed on some velcro to display his credential patches. This harness is better than the USAR harness that was issued to us. The 8 ft chord has a stretchy section, so shock is limited from dog to human and vice versa. Boomer likes pulling a sled for exercise while I jog. I am looking forward to him pulling me on my mountain board. We will also use it as our main harness for working.

5 out of 5

Dog's Name: Rocco

Date of Review: 2/11/2014

We kick up our paws in: NC

My canine companion(s): Pitbulls


Would you recommend this product?.: Yes!

Use this with Rocco to Bikejor. Awesome product, the waist belt allows great control, minimizes effects of Rocco "going off track". He loves to pull, great way for us to ride together!

5 out of 5

Dog's Name: Cassidy

Date of Review: 7/28/2013

We kick up our paws in: Maine

My canine companion(s): American Bulldog mix

love it!

Would you recommend this product?.: Yes!

This is my favorite piece of dog gear, hands down. We've used the omnijore system an average of 5 times a week for running, day hikes, or skiing during the past year and a half and it's still in good shape. The harness fits my dog perfectly- no sliding around or spots where she gets rubbed. The pockets on the hip belt are handy to have for keys, poop bags, small snacks, etc. At first I was reluctant to spend this kind of money but I've found that it's been well worth it. I've used another system in the past that was cheaper but Ruffwear's is so much better- easier to use, more durable, and has better features.

5 out of 5

Dog's Name: Kaya

Date of Review: 3/28/2013

We kick up our paws in: Blacksburg Virginia

My canine companion(s): Husky mix

Loving it so far

Would you recommend this product?.: Yes!

I've only used the system a handful of times so far, but I love it! Easy to fit, and seems well constructed and sturdy. Has made our runs so much more enjoyable for both of us, I think it was definitely worth the price.

5 out of 5

Dog's Name: Niche

Date of Review: 1/21/2013

We kick up our paws in: Northwestern Arizona

My canine companion(s): Border Collie X


Would you recommend this product?.: Yes!

Niche and I run at least 12 miles a week with this system. We have been using the omnijore system for six months. Sometimes her and I just run but we often pick up the neighbor's dog, Niche's 35-lb BFF, to run on another gangline. My overall impression is as follows, starting from the human end: 1) The hip belt. LOVE this. This is the most adjustable, comfortable, pocket-filled hip belt for joring I've ever found. The under-the leg straps are vital as the belt tends to rise on me unless I utilize these straps. I am also asthmatic so the ability to carry my emergency inhaler (not in a pants pocket because it creates friction) has really made our runs enjoyable. Both pockets fit my iphone4 with an otterbox with a little shoving, but they do the trick. The water bottle holder is also great, but you need to use a small bottle (not a nalgene; I use one that holds 16 oz). However, the addition of a bottle can make the back of the belt feel "floppy", but I was used to it after a few runs and Niche appreciated the water after the trail run. Furthermore, the quick release system is fantastic. I've never had to use it (thank goodness), but, properly fastened, holds my 75-lb partner and her 35-lb partner in crime. Other systems I've reviewed may or may not have a quick-release system, and if they are included, are typically out in front of the runner and may be difficult to reach depending on the flexibility of the attachment to the belt. 2) The gangline. This is my least favorite part of this system. It is entirely too flexible and is not rigid enough to provide adequate tension for a solid pull. However, I do appreciate the handle at the human-attachment end because I use it when I run Niche and my neighbor's dog side-by-side. Due to the construction of the gangline, you need to feed the plastic attachment rings through the quick-release strap to attach the RW gangline to the hip belt. Well, when you run two dogs, each on their own gangline and they are not attached by a neckline (I can't with Niche and her 35-lb BFF), it is impossible to attach two ganglines without them getting tangled unless you have dogs that always run on the same side of one another (and, well, I don't). To solve that problem, I rigged up a simple system that attaches both ganglines to a swivel which easily connects to the quick-release strap and still allows it to function properly. So, we run with one RuffWear gangline and another 8-foot line purchased elsewhere. The handle on the ruffwear gangline has enabled us to rig up this system that works for us. Running both lines side-by-side, though, I would prefer the stiffer gangline hands down. 3) The harness. I like this harness and it seems as though Niche does, too (although she hates putting it on but her eyes light up when you say "run", go figure). It's easy to put on once you get the hang of it, and it is extremely, extremely adjustable. I have a very broad border collie x (75 lbs) that actully wears a medium and it fits her extremely well. The removable belly strap was also extremely helpful in the beginning. She is trained to never pull on a leash so sometimes she would run beside me and essentially "back out" of her harness. The belly strap prevented the harness from going directly over her head if she got behind me. Now that she's used to getting ahead and leaning into the harness, we have removed this belly strap and she seems to enjoy the harness even more. If this is your first time trying this harness on, it seems "humped" in the middle, but that is to allow the dog to arch their back while running so it increases freedom of movement. There is still a lot of fabric on this harness compared to x-backed harnesses sold elsewhere, but it does provide a lot of options for adjustment (which some x-back harnesses do not). All in all, we love this product and use it at least four times a week (granted, with some modifications). It has lasted these six months of constant pulling and training with one or two dogs and we will have it for many more months and many more miles.

5 out of 5

Dog's Name: Lyric

Date of Review: 11/25/2012

We kick up our paws in: Central Vermont

My canine companion(s): Doberman

Awesome !

Would you recommend this product?.: Yes!

Rugged Quality !

4 out of 5

Dog's Name: Moab

Date of Review: 10/23/2012

We kick up our paws in: Idaho

My canine companion(s): Chocolate Lab


Would you recommend this product?.: Yes!

The harness has worked great for biking, I will transistion to skiing once the snow flies. The only thing I haven't worked out is a fit issue. The harnees has a tendancy to ride to the side. This is probably due to something I am doing wrong with the adjustments as I have not played with them much.

5 out of 5

Dog's Name: Gryphon

Date of Review: 9/2/2012

We kick up our paws in: Connecticut

My canine companion(s): Shetland Sheepdog


Would you recommend this product?.: Yes!

We used this joring system for the first time today on a hike through the woods - it was fantastic. The harness was easy to adjust on Gryphon and fit him very well (38 pounds, small harness). He was clearly comfortable in it, even with the belly strap. The hipbelt was comfortable to wear and I was able to carry everything I needed for a day hike with it, except for a collapsable water bowl for Gryph. I'll try to rig something to the harness or hipbelt to use in the future. The towline was easy to manage, although perhaps some of that credit goes to the dog, who figured out very quickly how to adjust to the tension, and seemed to understand how to avoid getting tangled around trees. I would definitely suggest some training for larger or inexperienced dogs if they're likely to run into trouble with that towline, because it is quite long. I'm thrilled to be able to hike hands free and give Gryphon more room to roam!

2 out of 5

Dog's Name: Indie

Date of Review: 8/2/2012

We kick up our paws in: Cornwall UK

My canine companion(s): Alaskan Malamute

Not fit for purpose

Would you recommend this product?.: No

The good bits are the human and dog harness; both really good, comfortable fits and durable construction. I love the quick release design and pockets available. Also the adjustments on the dog harness. However I was really dissappointed with the gangline. I'm 57kg female with a 34kg dog yet it takes minimal tension on the line for it to be pulled out completely offering no absorbency for either user. This would be fine if we wanted it to stroll in the park, but as a working harness to walk-jor, bike-jor, skate-jor it doesn't work. The bungy should be designed to absorb changes in pace and tension on the line so to not jolt dog or human and this doesn't happen - every step she takes I feel, likewise she's feeling the same. Really disappointed as this part of the product is useless to us - and we won't be able to get another towline to make use of the quick release feature.

5 out of 5

Dog's Name: Marketa

Date of Review: 5/30/2012

We kick up our paws in: New England

My canine companion(s): Border Collie/Schnauzer Mix

Very well constructed

Would you recommend this product?.: Yes!

Best back support for human (so comfortable) and great sizing for my now 2 year-old medium size mix breed who weighs in at 30 lbs. She is a size SMALL. She is FAST and together we run and hike trails and compete in several 5k dog friendly events from Maine to Massachusetts and in between. I really like the two zipper pouches to hold a few essentials (tick spoon, poop bags, and car keys fit easily with room to spare) One small note: The water bottle holder is not Nalgene bottle size friendly, but rather more bicycle bottle size friendly. I love this harness and think it's the best on the market!

5 out of 5

Dog's Name: Caprica

Date of Review: 5/6/2012

We kick up our paws in: Erie

My canine companion(s): Siberian Husky


Would you recommend this product?.: Yes!

I ve had this harness for about 10 months now and it is great. We rollerblade at the peninsula and jog around home. Really well constructed harness. Fits good even though she s a smaller husky. Got a medium and she s about 40 lbs.

5 out of 5

Dog's Name: kingsley(big brother)

Date of Review: 3/27/2012

We kick up our paws in: tacoma

My canine companion(s): blue nose american pit bull terriers


Would you recommend this product?.: Yes!

Kingley pulls me on my mountain board around the neighborhood. Hes 110lbs, and sister is 75lbs and they're both wearing is we need a pallisades joring pack system ..

5 out of 5

Dog's Name: Kasha

Date of Review: 2/23/2012

We kick up our paws in: Los Angeles, CA

My canine companion(s): Kuvasz


Would you recommend this product?.: Yes!

I took my Kuvasz to the snow and went Skijoring with her. Harness fit great and we had so much fun. Great product. Highly recommend.

5 out of 5

Dog's Name: Anonymous

Date of Review: 2/1/2012

We kick up our paws in: Marquette, MI

My canine companion(s): Beagle/Spaniel Mix


Would you recommend this product?.: Yes!

We have a strong 30 pound Beagle/Spaniel Mix who loves this harness. The fit is great, well worth the money.

5 out of 5

Dog's Name: Rocky

Date of Review: 1/24/2012

We kick up our paws in: Pagosa Springs, CO

My canine companion(s): Border collie, blue healer and more


Would you recommend this product?.: Yes!

Easy to fit, easy to use and fun for both the dog and us. Great padding system and the quick release really works. Our dog loves the sport.

5 out of 5

Dog's Name: Sol

Date of Review: 1/17/2012

We kick up our paws in: Norway, Europe

My canine companion(s): labrador

very good

Would you recommend this product?.: Yes!

The harness worked very good when skiing with the dog

5 out of 5

Dog's Name: Mattias Lindman

Date of Review: 12/27/2011

We kick up our paws in: Sweden

My canine companion(s): German shorthaired pionter

Very good

Would you recommend this product?.: Yes!

Very good, for running and skiing, the harness fits my dog perfect.The hip belt fits very good and is very comfortable. Use a shorter towline for running!

4 out of 5

Dog's Name: Tanya

Date of Review: 12/27/2011

We kick up our paws in: Anchorage alaska

My canine companion(s): labrador retriever


Would you recommend this product?.: Yes!

this is a really good system for skijouring. However; there needs to be more adjustments for my skinny lab in the chest so that it doesn;t rub her raw from sliding side to side. Not a great fit for her harness, not enough adjustments. I do like the handle towards the back of the dog harness as you used to make a similar harness with handle way too close to the front and was difficult to hoist my dog into the ski chairlift.

5 out of 5

Dog's Name: Anonymous

Date of Review: 12/10/2011

We kick up our paws in: New Brunswick Canada

My canine companion(s): Sheppard/Husky Mix

Great Quality

Would you recommend this product?.: Yes!

Awesome product looks good and feels great. My only complaint is the price, I feel like it should be cheaper then the pallisades pack since theres more to the pack.

5 out of 5

Dog's Name: Anonymous

Date of Review: 12/4/2011

We kick up our paws in: Massachusetts

My canine companion(s): samoyed


Would you recommend this product?.: Yes!

I take my dog running and this is a great system, it's the best. I also use this system with my mtb bike. I have tried a number of setups with my dog and this one works the best. Well worth the money. I get the impression this was made by people who actually use it.