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Quick Draw™ Leash
leash worn around a collar
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The Ruffwear Quick Draw is a leash that is worn around the dog's collar. Enjoy off-leash freedom with the option of a short restraining leash when needed.  The Quick Draw clips onto any collar and wraps around the neck, securing with a hook and loop closure. Pull on the grab tab to go from off-leash to on-leash lickety-split!
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5 out of 5

Dog's Name: Tricerahops

Date of Review: 11/2/2014

We kick up our paws in: San Francisco/Berkeley

My canine companion(s): Mutt

So Versatile

Would you recommend this product?.: Yes!

We got this as a quick recall leash at the park..BUT it does so much more. Trice is 15lbs. So on the longest length it is the perfect traffic leash for him in an urban setting when we need to keep him close at events and such (1 ft leash too short for a small dog, 4ft leash too long...this one is perfect). Also a great leash to bring to freestyle and agility class when he is learning spins and complicated equipment it doesn't drag and get tangled!

5 out of 5

Dog's Name: Ishmael

Date of Review: 10/14/2014

We kick up our paws in: Watertown, CT

My canine companion(s): Lab


Would you recommend this product?.: Yes!

I have a very friendly large puppy who likes to jump. I also walk him off leash most of the times so this makes it very easy to grab and hold onto him when I need to. I keep it on him at all times.

5 out of 5

Dog's Name: Rocco

Date of Review: 9/5/2014

We kick up our paws in: Austin, TX

My canine companion(s): Texas Brown Dog


Would you recommend this product?.: Yes!

I didn't even realize I'd been waiting for this product until I saw. It is the perfect solution to mostly off-leash activities that require brief or periodic leashing. I play a lot of disc golf and Rocco is very good and accustomed to the routine. Occasionally we'll see another dog or person and it know I need to keep him close. Instead of having to put my pack down, unzip a pocket, pull out the leash, get him to me, and clip it, it's as easy as grabbing the tab on his quick draw.