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Omnijore™ Joring System
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The Omnijore™ Joring System is designed for any dog-powered activity such as skijoring, mountainboard-joring, skatejoring, bikejoring, or canicross. Enjoy joring year long in any climate or condition. Complete system includes dog harness, human hipbelt, and towline. The components are designed to work together to maximize performance, comfort and fun, and are sized to comply with international joring regulations.

Dog harness is available in three sizes and the human hipbelt fits waist sizes 27-48" (68-123 cm). If you require an additional dog harness, please email customer support at
Price: $174.95
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4 out of 5

Dog's Name: Daisy & Sherlock

Date of Review: 10/14/2015

We kick up our paws in: Michigan

My canine companion(s): Aussie & Border Collie

Almost Perfect

Would you recommend this product?.: Yes!

I have last year's version of the Omnijore system. It's great. The hipbelt is very comfortable, easy to release if necessary, and has just the right amount of pockets to keep a couple of small items organized. The towline is perfect, with a beefy bungee sewn in that helps reduce the shock loading of a crazed dog taking off at full speed. I recently purchased a second Omnijore harness for my second dog (previously I took them skijoring one at a time, or used their Webmaster harnesses when rollerblading with them simultaneously). There new version has a few changes, some of which I like and some of which I don't. The new model is not as wide on top, which probably helps keep my pooches cooler since there is less fabric covering them. However, it now also means there is no handle on top. I really like having the handle as a means to help control them when necessary. The second change is in the belly strap. The previous version connected via a plastic quick release buckle. I appreciated how quickly I could get the harness on and off. The new one connects via a metal talon hook, which is a pain in the rear to connect. Maybe it will loosen up over time and use as the webbing stretches a bit, but for now it is annoying. On the other hand, metal lasts longer than plastic (although I can't see how the old buckles would ever fail unless left out in the weather). So overall, the Omnijore system is still great, and if you aren't familiar with the old style you won't be missing anything. But I sure do wish that handle and quick-release buckle were back.