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Ruffwear Donation Program

Ruffwear’s Donation Program provides product donations to organizations and events that support outdoor spaces where wildlife thrives and people and dogs recreate.

Ruffwear will consider product donation requests from organizations that support one of the following:

•  protection and preservation of open outdoor spaces
•  education and/or stewardship of wilderness areas
•  events that feature an opportunity for dogs and humans to participate together in outdoor activities (i.e., trail running, Nordic/skate skiing,  kayaking, mountain biking)

Organizations or events that do not support one of the causes listed above are not eligible for the Ruffwear Donation Program.  Examples of ineligible organizations/events are:

•  breed-specific groups/clubs
•  agility/fly ball

Donation requests will receive Ruffwear gear (no cash or cash equivalent) and are subject to product availability.

To submit a request, please complete the Donation Program Request Form at least two months prior to your event or donation deadline. We will respond to you within seven business days.

Please note our Donations Program is only available in the U.S.

Thank you for your interest in Ruffwear Performance Dog Gear!